Becoming Tipsy

Tipsy Crayon started in 2016 as just an idea to creatively engage with friends through coloring, drinking and fellowship. Since then, Tipsy Crayon has since grown into a quarterly themed coloring event, bringing together friends and strangers alike.
Evolving from it’s original concept as a simple coloring party, Tipsy has grown to include specially crafted cocktail selections, catered signature menus, themed activities and exclusive collaborations, elevating both the experience and level of engagement. Now, with a few dozen broken crayons and a couple of years under our belt, Tipsy Crayon has expanded even further with the addition of the Tipsy Box. These themed curated boxes allow customers to experience Tipsy Crayon at home by providing a “kit” type format that includes everything needed for a night of cocktails and coloring. Customers have the option to customize their own box or chose from catered selections. Boxes are available for single or multi-person use, thus making excellent gift options.
Tipsy Crayon hopes to continue to bring unique experiences and offerings to the coloring space, by providing quality products and creative solutions to those who like to color outside of the lines.